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MTN Uganda Account Management telco accounts This set of APIs allows SPs to get details of a User's AirtimeAccount like getting user balance.
MTN Uganda Advertisement telco This API allows SDP (functioning as the client) invokes the ADQuery API to send querying advertisement requests to the App (functioning...
MTN Uganda Audio Call comms telco This API allows the SPs to set up a call between parties and play an Audio therein.
MTN Uganda Auth Price comms telco This API is used to validate the subscriber, service and subscription contract and do rating & debiting.
MTN Uganda Bulk Messaging comms telco This API allows SPs to provide bulk messaging of texts.
MTN Uganda Business Intelligence data telco BI This API allows SPs to query subscriber data from the MTN BIB platform.
MTN Uganda Call NOtification comms telco This API allows the SPs to get notification about user's call status and handle the operations of various scenarios like Call Busy, Not...
MTN Uganda Electronic Voucher Distribution payments account comms telco This API allows SPs to top up MTN user's accounts from their EVD account
MTN Uganda End User Charging payments telco This API is be used by SPs to charge the user from his Airtime managed by MTN.
MTN Uganda Generic comms telco This specification defines an HTTP protocol binding for an abstract API using the REST architectural style.
MTN Uganda Merchant Location merchants telco This API provides Merchant Location capability
MTN Uganda Presence telco The SP can use presence capability APIs provided by the SDP to publish and obtain the presence data.
MTN Uganda Promotion marketing telco This API allows SPs to promote various services to users at a discounted rate and to subscribe users to the said services at the...
MTN Uganda Service On Demand comms telco This API is used by SDP to inform SP of any On-Demand content being purchased by user over SDP's Web/WAP Portal. After receiving the...
MTN Uganda Terminal Status utilities telco This API allows the SPs to find out user's Terminal Status i.e. whether the terminal is Busy, Not Reachable, Switched Off, Available.
MTN Uganda Third Party Call comms telco This API allows the SPs to originate and manage Application initiated call between two parties.
MTN Uganda User Location accounts telco The getCellIdAndLac capability interface provided by the SDP is used by SPs to query the LAC and CELLID values of user locations.
MTN Validate Account Holder accounts telco Operation is used to check if an account holder is registered and active in the system.
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