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ACB Open Banking payments transaction history account balance inclusion Open Banking API containing a number of functionalities
Adyen Account transaction history account balance inclusion The Account API provides endpoints for managing account-related entities on your platform. These related entities include account...
Adyen Checkout merchant payments ecommerce payments inclusion Adyen Checkout API provides a simple and flexible way to initiate and authorise online payments. You can use the same integration for...
Adyen Checkout Utility profile management inclusion A web service containing utility functions available for merchants integrating with Checkout APIs.
Adyen Payout B2B payments merchant payments inclusion A set of API endpoints that allow you to store payout details, confirm, or decline a payout.
Adyen Recurring recurring payments inclusion The Recurring APIs allow you to manage and remove your tokens or saved payment details. Tokens should be created with validation during a...
Africa's Talking Airtime bill payments inclusion Distribute Airtime to Mobile Users in Minutes Painless Topups at heavily discounted rates
Africa's Talking Payments merchant payments b2b bulk disbursements inclusion Integrate Payments into your application in minutes: C2B, B2C, B2B
Africa's Talking SMS authentication inclusion Add SMS functionality to your application in minutes Two way SMS, Branded SMS, Short Codes, Premium SMS
Africa's Talking USSD inclusion Build and test USSD applications in minutes Pre-Paid, Post-Paid and Shared USSD Codes Available
Africa's Talking Voice authentication inclusion Rethink Voice with our Web Based Voice APIs: Regular, Premium, Toll-Free, SIP and WebRTC endpoints all available.
Airtel Happy Hours inclusion You can now leverage happy hours by scheduling your in-app content downloads between 3-5AM so your users save on data consumption. All...
Airtel Operatory Discovery API check service availability inclusion This API enables the partners to fetch the operator and circle details for the given mobile number.
Airtel Payment API merchant payments inclusion The Payment interface allows an application to perform payment operations such as one step charging.
Airtel Subscription recurring payments inclusion This API revolves around providing Content Provider with facility to charge their customers for the products and services registered via...
Allpago merchant payments ecommerce recurring payments reversals bill payments bulk disbursements b2b inclusion allpago is the new way of accepting payments in Latin America, providing all the relevant local payment methods in a single platform,...
Amplify merchant payments ecommerce recurring payments reversals inclusion Amplify makes it easy for Nigerian businesses to accept and manage their recurring and subscription based payments online.
Apache Fineract white labeled inclusion Apache Fineract is a secure, multi-tenanted microfinance platform. The goal of the Apache Fineract API is to empower developers to build...
Apigate Direct Carrier Billing reversals bill payments inclusion Director operator billing
Apigate Information profile management inclusion Get user profile information

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