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Banco Bradesco Boleto Simple P2P payments inclusion Boleto Simples provides a simple and powerful API in REST to integrate payments by bank slips into your website or application
Banco BTG Pactual Payment Slips P2P payments inclusion Payment Slips are a form of push-payment, which relies on the consumer initializing the payment itself. This process is similar to paying...
Banco BTG Pactual PIX Indirect Participant P2P payments inclusion Use BTG Pactual banking services as an intermediary to your Pix transactions with Brazil's Central Bank.
Banco do Brasil Collection Integrated with Pix P2P payments inclusion It manages Qr Codes Pix integrated with non-compensable guides related to the provision of tax, fee and tax collection services.
Banco do Brasil PIX P2P payments inclusion Configure, verify settlement, query and return dynamically generated QR Codes
Banco Itaú Argentina Comprehensive Wallet Service P2P payments inclusion A new way to manage collections and payments through the CVU administration service for Payment Service Providers. It allows you to...
Banco Itaú Argentina DEBIN P2P payments inclusion Request debits in your clients' accounts from any bank in the financial system
Banco Itaú Argentina Payments P2P payments inclusion Make payments online and 24x7 to any CBU or CVU of the financial system
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Card Payments P2P payments inclusion Receive payments from your clients through the Mercantile Payment Button, which allows transactions with national and international...
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Mobile Payments P2P payments inclusion The C2P API allows your company to receive interbank payments in bolivars through a cell phone number, so that your customers can...
Banco Pichincha FCS P2P payments inclusion This type of message is used in the fund consultation service. The HUB consults the ASPSP for the availability of funds for a given amount
Banco Pichincha PIS P2P payments inclusion Payment Initiation Services
Banco Rendimento Payments and Transfers bill payments P2P payments inclusion Make payments of utility bills and several taxes as well as automate payroll and transfers
Banco Rendimento Prepaid Cards P2P payments inclusion Issue and manage reloadable prepaid cards for your employees and customers. Indicated for business expenses, bonuses and travel expenses
Banestes Boleto Simple P2P payments inclusion Boleto Simples provides a simple and powerful REST API to integrate payments by bank slips into your website or application
Bank Alfalah E-Pay P2P payments inclusion This product contains to be used for funds transfer and account linking through Bank Alfalah
Bank Alfalah Fund Transfer Service P2P payments inclusion Fund Transfer APIs provide functions to transfer money between own accounts or to third parties within the bank and Outside the bank.This...
Bank Alfalah Remittance Services P2P payments inclusion This APIs provide the information for Remittance Inquiry and Remittance Push.
Bank of Ayudhya Payments P2P payments inclusion Krungsri's partner submits a payment initiation request to Make A Pay on KMA then get a deep-link URI to navigate to KMA landing page so...
Bank Rakyat Indonesia Fund Transfer P2P payments inclusion This API allows you to transfer funds between two BRI accounts. The source account must be your company account. Fund transfers can be...

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