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Description: A global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments.
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Visa Travel Notification Service The Visa Travel Notification Service helps you avoid mistaken purchase declines while your cardholders are traveling by incorporating cardholder self-reported travel plans into the VisaNet authorization message. With Visa Travel Notification Service, Visa informs you whether your cardholder is transacting during the travel dates and at the travel destination they reported, helping you more confidently approve transactions when your cardholders make purchases while travelling.
Visa Consumer Transaction Controls Consumers’ growing preferences for self-service banking and greater oversight over their payment card use have created demand for consumer-directed, mobile-based card controls. With CTC, issuers can offer their cardholders the ability, via the issuer’s mobile banking application or online website, to set restrictions and alerts on how their cards are used. Cardholders can define spending limits, impose channel restrictions (e.g., no e-commerce), prohibit international transactions or temporarily suspend their card's use if ever misplaced or lost/stolen. CTC increases card security and helps customers to better manage their card spending, while building trust and card preference.
Visa Payment Account Attributes Inquiry Funds Payment Account Attributes Inquiry enables the caller to look up information about a payment account. Using Payment Account Attributes Inquiry, applications can access both general attributes of the account (such as card type and issuer information) and specific attributes that are needed to use a payment account as part of a funds transfer.
Visa Token Service The Visa Token Service (VTS), a new security technology from Visa, replaces sensitive account information, such as the 16-digit primary account number, with a unique digital identifier called a token. The token allows payments to be processed without exposing actual account details that could potentially be compromised. Issuers, merchants, and wallet providers can deliver secure mobile payment applications, gain access to third-party digital payment experiences, or securely maintain cards on file in order to offer their customers safe ways to shop online and with mobile devices.
Visa Merchant Locator Merchant Locator uses location to help map Visa-accepting merchants. Find the local stores and places to shop by searching for specific merchants or merchant categories within a specified distance.
Visa Digital Card and Account Services Digital Card and Account Services (DCAS) offers issuers a variety of card and account management features, which they can present to their cardholders, when using the mobile banking application or the online website. Cardholders can manage their card information such as name and address, as well as, notification preferences. In addition, they can view their accounts and any other associated balances for each account and transfer money between those accounts. Cardholders can also search for other cards tied to their accounts and add existing cardholders to their accounts.
Visa Direct Visa Direct uses the push payment capability of Visa’s global payment system to enable new ways for clients and consumers to send money to over one billion eligible Visa accounts. Visa Direct can be used to create both consumer and business services including person-to-person money transfers and credit card payments as well as corporate and merchant disbursements. The services can be offered over any channel (including personal computers, mobile phones, local bank branches, or ATMs) and can be funded from many sources (including bank accounts or payment cards). Merchants, government entities, or corporations can push payments to Visa accounts to disburse such things as tax refunds, insurance claims, rebates, affiliate and contractor payouts, or expense reimbursements.
Visa Foreign Exchange Rates Foreign Exchange Rates provide easy access to the Visa daily currency exchange rate for a given currency pair. With Foreign Exchange Rates, you can provide a better user experience for cross-border and/or multicurrency transactions.
Visa CyberSource Payments Process credit, debit and gift cards across the globe and across multiple channels with scalability and security. CyberSource supports an extensive list of payment cards and offers a wide choice of gateways and acquiring banks, all through one connection.
Visa Merchant Search Merchant Search helps enhance the power of your services by providing access to Visa- accepting merchant identification data that uses Visa’s transaction data, third party data, and other systematic intelligence to improve data quality across the Visa payment network.
Visa Offers Platform The Visa Offers Platform provides partners with access to qualified Visa transaction data of enrolled cardholders. By integrating with the Visa Offers Platform, partners can enhance their own loyalty and offers programs in new and powerful ways. The Visa Offers Platform accesses the VisaNet authorization stream to monitor enrolled cardholder transactions in real time and sends relevant notifications to partners. It also monitors the settlement stream for settled transactions and sends relevant notifications to the partners. Using simple APIs, partners can integrate Visa Offers Platform capabilities and transaction data into their own web and mobile applications.
Visa Merchant Measurement Merchant Measurement provides insight into how well your merchant portfolios perform, by tracking sales metrics at multiple industry and geographic levels. You are also able to compare performance against many Visa card accepting locations. For example, by using an aggregated and deidentified transaction dataset, you can compare sales growth and chargeback performance.
Visa Preauthorized Payment Cancellation Service The Preauthorized Payment Cancellation Service (PPCS) enables issuers to handle customers' stop payment requests for preauthorized electronic funds transfers, such as automatic bill payments and installment payments. Using the service, issuers can inform acquirers and their merchants, via an authorization response code, that a cardholder has requested a stop payment.
Visa Risk Manager Visa Risk Manager is the intelligent decisioning solution powered by VisaNet that allows issuers to decline only the highest risk transactions while optimizing approval rates at the point of purchase/wallet provisioning. That means reduced risk exposure and the freedom for customers to use their Visa cards in more places. Whether they want to make purchases online or face-to-face, domestically or internationally, our fraud risk solutions make it safer.
Visa Transaction Alerts Visa Transaction Alerts (VTA) gives cardholders a near real-time view of the transactions conducted on their enrolled Visa cards. With Visa Transaction Alerts, they can more actively manage their personal finances and catch fraudulent activity early. Cardholders can select the types of alerts and the threshold settings that will trigger personalized notifications to them through their preferred delivery channel.
Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center The Visa Merchant Offers Resource Center (VMORC) is a central offer repository that gives issuers an easy way to promote merchant offers to their cardholders. VMORC is a multilingual application used by various teams worldwide to store offers as they are procured. Additionally, VMORC provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for issuers to extract offers to display on custom applications or pages. Since VMORC simultaneously manages the offer entry and distribution processes, issuers are provided access to the latest offers as soon as they become available.
Visa Global ATM Locator Visa Global ATM Locator enables cardholders to search for Visa/Plus ATM locations around the world, via the Web or from their internet-enabled mobile devices.
Visa Mobile Location Confirmation Mobile Location Confirmation helps improve the consumer experience by providing you with a real-time geolocation intelligence about your enrolled cardholders. With Mobile Location Confirmation, you can determine if the cardholder is close to the merchant location at the time of a purchase. You can more confidently approve transactions when cardholders make purchases while travelling.
Visa Checkout Visa Checkout provides a single sign-in service to pay for online shopping purchases. After a simple setup, Visa Checkout users can skip inputting their payment and shipping information for their orders. Whether at home or on the go, Visa Checkout works across multiple devices so online shopping stays easy. Visa Checkout enables shoppers to choose their preferred payment method across multiple retailers with a click of a button.
Visa Payment Account Validation The Payment Account Validation API provides several methods that you can use to determine if a particular Visa account is valid and in good standing.  The API currently provides three methods of account validation: Account Verification (also known as a $0 authorization), Address Verification, and Card Verification Value (CVV2) Validation.  The ability to pre-validate an account increases the probability of a successful, seamless transaction flow.


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