Company: Telerivet

Name: Telerivet
Description: Instant SMS and voice platform for organizations anywhere in the world. Professional mobile messaging made easy
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Telerivet Cloud Script Telerivet's Cloud Script API lets you easily build powerful mobile messaging services on top of the Telerivet platform in just a few lines of code, without needing to run your own servers, and without even needing to install developer tools on your computer.
Telerivet REST Our world-class web messaging dashboard, contact and group management, and data storage is built right in – there's no need to build everything from scratch.
Telerivet Webhook API Telerivet's Webhook API allows your server to receive asynchronous event notifications from Telerivet, such as when an incoming message is received, when an outgoing message is sent or has an error, or when a message or contact is updated via the Telerivet web app.


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