Company: Standard Chartered - Ghana

Name: Standard Chartered - Ghana
Description: Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited is the oldest commercial bank in Ghana and has been listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange since 1991. Being Ghana’s premier bank, Standard Chartered has been at the forefront of financial market development supporting trade and investment activities of our customers and clients.
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Standard Chartered - Ghana Accounts Inquiry Provides account details, balances and information about transactions. Account Inquiry APIs allow retrieving all available data, of the customer's authorised account services, such as basic account details, account balances for single or multiple accounts, and transaction summary
Standard Chartered - Ghana Move Money Facilitates domestic and cross border transactions. Move Money APIs facilitate customer's finance operations, such as cross border payment initiation and instant domestic payment, and retrieving payments detail and status
Standard Chartered - Ghana Securities Services Provides information about custody holdings, transactions, and valuations. Securities Services APIs allow performing securities portfolio checks, and processing at the customer's convenience, within agreed parameters
Standard Chartered - Ghana Corporate Financial Markets Standard Chartered Aggregated Liquidity Engine (SCALE) allows you to expand your business internationally and price your customers in their local currency without having to worry about the management of FX risks. SCALE gives you the flexibility in configuring the FX rates, allowing you to price your goods and services competitively. SCALE is 24/7 and uses a highly configurable API allowing easy and quick connection to your business
Standard Chartered - Ghana Notifications Provides real-time push of events (callbacks) to client's API/WebHook. Notifications APIs provide real-time push notification of events through our guaranteed WebHook delivery mechanism. Through these APIs, the client can receive credit/debit notification, transaction, and custody transaction statuses
Standard Chartered - Ghana Utilities and Tools Provide tools for data management and custom fields function, as well as information about reference data like holidays, bank quotes, and utilities


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