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PayPal Orders Use the Orders API to create, show details for, authorize, and capture payment for orders.
PayPal Partner Referrals This API enables a marketplace to add PayPal merchant accounts.
PayPal Payouts Use the Payouts API to make PayPal payments to multiple PayPal accounts in a single API call. You can specify the recipients by using their PayPal email addresses, phone numbers, or encrypted PayPal account numbers.
PayPal Referenced Payouts The Referenced Payouts API enables partner merchants and developers to process individual referenced payouts to recipients.
PayPal Vault Merchants can use the Vault API to securely store customer credit cards in the PayPal vault rather than on your server.
PayPal Webhooks The PayPal REST APIs use webhooks for event notification. Webhooks are HTTP callbacks that receive notification messages for events.
PayPal Customer Disputes PayPal merchants, partners, and external developers can use the PayPal Customer Disputes API to list disputes, provide evidence, accept claims, show dispute details, and appeal disputes.
PayPal Managed Accounts The Managed Accounts API enables a marketplace to add PayPal merchant accounts.
PayPal The PayPal REST API supports a number of countries and currencies. The REST API provides simple payment processing for common business needs, including PayPal payments, direct credit card payments, authorization and capture, and refunds.
Paypal Payments Use the Payments REST API to easily and securely accept online and mobile payments. The payments namespace contains resource collections for payments, sales, refunds, authorizations, captures, and orders.
PayPal Payment Experiences Use the Payment Experience API to create seamless payment experience profiles.
Paypal Invoices Use the Invoicing API to create, send, and manage invoices. You can also use the Invoicing API or webhooks to track invoice payments.


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