Company: Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank

Name: Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank
Description: OCB is the first Vietnamese bank which has completed a risk management project under Basel II (2017); is rated Moody's (one of the three most prestigious credit rating agencies in the world) ranking B2 - the highest level of commercial banks in Vietnam; and is the first bank in Vietnam having an integrated channel, with the Omni Channel (2018).
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Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Loyalty Service Package Loyalty Service Package
Orient Commercial Stock Bank Digital Wallet Service Package E-wallets (E-Wallet) are popular services and payment services on e-wallets are provided through the Bank. API dedicated to e-wallets will support related services such as wallet deposit, money transfer, etc.
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Utility Services Package In order to increase the utility for companies, software agent, OCB supports free Utility services package such as inquiry ATMs location service, and OCB's branches location. In future, OCB will explore more utility services as free: inquiry exchange rate, interest rate, list of local banks
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Saving Services Package Optimizing financial resources is always the top goal of the business. No need to use Internet Banking or go to the counter, the deposit API with a variety of services will help organizations and businesses optimize the use of idle financial resources
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Payment Services Package Currently, cashless payment is a growing trend in financial transactions. OCB understands that it is necessary to have more payment applications to connect banks to accept payments. With payment APIs, OCB can support organizations and businesses to build payment applications at a low cost. In addition, this package can be used to integrate payment features for e-commerce websites or mobile payment applications
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank OIMT Partners These APIs are used for international remittance companies and their partners to increase convenience and facilitate the process of transferring remittances from abroad to Vietnam
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Loan Service Package No need to visit banks, OCB customers can register loans through OCB's API integration portal. In addition to signing up, in the future, customers can track their loans through Open API connections
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Fund Transfer Accounts package Payment is always the regular and urgent banking service of organizations and businesses. Therefore, payment APIs are always the first choice, which allows users to handle creating and approving common payment transactions such as money transfer, payroll right on the user's system and execute easily and quickly
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Customer Onboarding Package No need to visit the bank to register the services, with the registration gateways integrated via the API on the website, application software of organizations, corporates, businesses, government agencies, customers can directly register for bank account, card, or loan with OCB without having to go to the bank or contact the sales staff.
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Card Payment Services Package Card is a convenient tool of payment which can be applied in various users such as shops, schools, and so on. With API related to card payment, customers can create utility items such as payments of university tuition fee on the client's system
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Batch fast transfer package Batch fast transfer
Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Accounts & Transaction Information service Package APIs related to account & transaction, users can access account details, account balances and transaction information such as transaction history, transaction statements


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