Company: MercadoLibre

Name: MercadoLibre
Description: We are the biggest e-commerce platform in Latin America, connecting buyers and retailers from over 16 countries. We are also an IT company and developers from all over the world make use of our Open Platform to create applications that help sellers and buyers improve they experience.
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MercadoLibre Marketplace The main characteristic that sets MercadoLibre API apart from other APIs is that ours is easily monetizable. Our resources will help you both automate and enhance everything you want to do with MercadoLibre. We share the same technology we consume, so you can take it as a guarantee of how much you can rely of it, and know that we’re constantly making improvements.
MercadoShops Create shop-based/ecommerce websites and applications
MercadoPago MercadoPago is a service that lets you send and receive money online for purchases on MercadoLibre or in any other commerce that integrates with the platform.


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