Company: Mastercard

Name: Mastercard
Description: Mastercard is a leading global payments & technology company that connects consumers, businesses, merchants, issuers & governments around the world.
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Mastercard rePower Allows you to add cash to your eligible Mastercard or Maestro Prepaid Card.
Mastercard Assurance IQ Provides merchants with a risk assessment: Establish a confidence level regarding the user’s digital identity to determine if a further form of authentication is suggested
Mastercard Merchant Identifier Provides rich information about a given merchant
Mastercard Digital Enablement Service Provides services around the tokenization of Mastercard card numbers for increased payment security.
Mastercard MATCH Help acquirers identify potentially high-risk merchants before entering to a merchant agreement.
Mastercard BIN Table Resource The Mastercard BIN Table Resource contains up-to-date active Mastercard valid issuing account ranges that can be used for authorization routing and fraud prevention purposes.
Mastercard Market Insights Services Access trend and sales data at industry and micro-sector levels far earlier than government or other industry sources
Mastercard Location Services Access Mastercard's global database of ATM and merchant locations for use in your app or website.
Mastercard Fraud Scoring for Merchants A predictive, behavior-based fraud score tool for e-commerce Merchants
Mastercard Payment Gateway Service Delivering an enhanced digital payment experience for everyone, on any device, everywhere.
Mastercard Lost and Stolen Account List Validate accounts against a list of accounts that have been reported by issuers to be lost or stolen.


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