Company: InstantPay

Name: InstantPay
Description: InstantPay is India’s largest Neo Banking platform delivering full stack banking services to individuals and businesses of all sizes
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InstantPay Cards Digital or E-gift cards or e-gift vouchers are the electronic versions of traditional plastic physical gift cards. These can also be preloaded with a desired amount of money and sent to your loved ones via email. The receiver can then use it to purchase products or services of his choice. It can also be used to make purchases online or in physical stores by using the card number and pin available on the e-gift card.
InstantPay Financial Inclusion Domestic Money Transfer API by InstantPay. Use this API to enable your merchants for domestic money transfer as per Business Correspondent guidelines by RBI.
InstantPay Utility Payments Coverage Category Billers Biller details Fetch Plans Bill pay and Bill fetch
InstantPay Travel Services Book Bus Tickets on all major routes and operators (including RTCs) across India. Book Hotel Rooms around the world. Choose from over 600,000 hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and homestays.
InstantPay Payouts Bank Payments API to initiate payments using NEFT / RTGS / IMPS / UPI modes. Its mandatory to have a current account linked with InstantPay to consume this service.
InstantPay Data Services PAN Verification User Onboarding
InstantPay Others Check the status of any transaction initiated on the InstantPay (current and previous FY).


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