Company: Grindrod Bank

Name: Grindrod Bank
Description: Grindrod Bank is a highly experienced investment bank with a considerable track record. Grindrod Bank prides itself on providing clients with innovative and suitable solutions that best service their needs. We believe that to bring new players into the economy, our financial products and service offerings need to be relevant and appeal to our global customers while at the same time ensuring that we meet the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs from previously disadvantaged communities.
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Grindrod Bank Transaction Request A Transaction Requests serve to initiate movement of money, which may or may not result in a successful Transaction
Grindrod Bank Transactions Account activity can be retrieved and viewed through transaction endpoints
Grindrod Bank Products The Api allows users to retrieve products offered by the logged in agent
Grindrod Banks Public Accounts Our Public Accounts endpoint allows users to view the banking details of public entities listed with the bank
Grindrod Bank Investment Types Get a list of investment types offered to API users
Grindrod Bank Guarantess Our Guarantee endpoints allow you to create and access loan guarantee data that exists on Grindrod Bank System
Grindrod Bank Customer Message Our Customer Message endpoints allow users to create and retrieve messages to the customer
Grindrod Bank Customer Our customer endpoints allow users to create and retrieve customer profiles
Grindrod Bank Beneficiaries The API allows users to create and retrieve account beneficiaries to simplify transactions
Grindrod Bank Bank Get a list of valid local banks by integrating with our Get Banks function.
Grindrod Bank Account The API provides real-time access to account information, allowing the user to create and read account data


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