Company: Finserve Africa

Name: Finserve Africa
Description: Our vision is to power ambition beyond boundaries.
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Jenga Send Money Mobile Payments, Bank Transfers, Card P2P, Cross Border & International Remittance
Jenga Credit Extend loans and credit to the right customer for the right amount and build loyalty and value add services to keep your customer hooked.
Jenga Account Services JengaAPI provides you with insights and notifications to the services we power as well as those of our partner bank.
Jenga RegTech The best business decisions are always made with more information. De-risk all your financial services and protect your customers and business from legal, regulatory and compliance issues.
Jenga Buy Goods, Pay Bills, Get Airtime Buy Goods, Pay Bills, Get Airtime
Jenga Receive Payments Accept Cards, Mobile Money, Bank Account Payments in a simple and convenient way from your customers
Jenga Payment Gateway Jenga Payment Gateway offers an intuitive and convenient buying experience that can help your customers spend more time shopping and less time checking out. Jenga Payment Gateway is used by large and small companies. From years of offering financial services securely, customers can trust their personal information will remain secure. Businesses have the reassurance of our advanced fraud protection and payment protection policy.


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Onboarding Support Retention Support Business Support
SDKs N Best practices guides N Description of use cases N
Authentication overview Y Sample apps/code Y Clear pricing page Y
Online documentation Y Terms of service Y Showcase/marketplace for apps built N
Self-serve access to API key Y Blog Y Changelog Y
Sandbox environment N Support forum N Status page Y
Total Score /5 3 Total Score /5 3 Total Score /5 3
Overall average 2 Overall average 3 Overall average 2

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Jenga Pricing Pricing  
Jenga API Developer Hub Developer Portal  
Jenga API Status Status Page  
Jenga API Reference Guide API Explorer  
Jenga Twitter Twitter  
Jenga API Get Started Getting Started  
Jenga Payments Gateway Docs Reference Guide  
Jenga API Postman Collection Postman Collection  
Jenga Sign Up Registration Page  
Jenga Payments Sample Code Code Page  
Jenga Payments Get Started Getting Started  
Jenga Payments Developer Quickstart Authentication Guide  
Jenga Payments Status Status Page  
Jenga Payments Changelog Changelog  
Jenga Payments Reference API Explorer  
Jenga Payments Authentication & Authorization Authentication Guide  
Jenga API Generate Signature Authentication Guide  
Jenga Payments Pricing Pricing  
Finserve Media Center Blog  
Finserve Facebook Facebook  
Finserve Terms of Reference Terms of Service  
Jenga Payments Support Support  
Jenga Payments FAQ FAQ  
Finserve LinkedIn LinkedIn Page  
Jenga Slack Channel Slack  

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