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Description: ELO is the credit card banner for a connected world: Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Caixa, came together to create an innovative and 100% Brazilian flag.
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ELO Hardware Security Module HSM is a hardware dedicated to a variety of cryptographic operations such as encryption, key management, key exchange and decryption. This type of hardware has specific features that ensure information security in a variety of ways within a fully trusted environment.
ELO Insurance This API makes it possible to use the benefits of Travel Insurance, Extended Warranty Insurance and Purchase Protection Insurance by Elo cardholders.
ELO Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Elo offers through the P2P API the possibility of electronic transfer between 2 cardholders.
ELO Tokentization Tokens replace the actual card providing greater control and security of the sales / purchase transactions in addition to enabling new forms of payment.
ELO Transaction history Access individual or consolidated content of carrier transactions that have granted access to your data to enhance card or business store usage experience.
ELO Provisional User Allows user registration in a simplified way facilitating the capture of user data in marketing campaigns, events, hackathons, workshops or through partners.
Elo Facilitators Allows ELO partners to identify themselves as facilitators by associating their merchant data with a payment service provider, making transactions carried out by a merchant more secure and traceable.
Elo Pricing API with dynamic availability of pricing information, by CNPJ, for transactions made by merchants in merchants.
Elo Table of BINs Bins Table API allows the business to identify an Elo transaction and perform proper routing of authorization, and also enables the use of this information for fraud prevention purposes.
Elo Carrier Registration Facilitate the registration experience and customize the service experience on Elo platforms and Partner APPs.


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