Company: DBS Bank

Name: DBS Bank
Description: DBS Bank is a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Marina Bay, Singapore
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DBS Prospects Provides information on prospects via user registrations - for campaign management. Functions include searching, retrieving, creating and updating prospects
DBS Opportunities Generates information on opportunities via user registrations - for sales/cross-sales and leads generation
DBS Transaction Analytics Presents insights on customer spending patterns, money movements such as total spending on categories, monthly totals and more
DBS Standing Instructions Allows the setup, retrieval and management of automatic, scheduled, or recurring electronic payments to registered payees
DBS Rewards Empowers customers to instantly redeem their DBS points as a form of payment, providing a more seamless and efficient way to burn their points
DBS Real-Time Payments Connects your customers directly to DBS from your system to make real-time payments, creating a seamless experience
DBS PayLah! Allows partner merchants to make payment requests via PayLah! for online checkout – this includes transaction inquiry and refund
DBS Payees Provides payee management functionalities such as adding new payees, retrieving payee details, and retrieving registered payee lists
DBS Limits Allows parties to customize their limits based on channels, category of transactions and scope. Also included: checking and managing limits utilized by a party
DBS GIRO Facilitates GIRO arrangements with billing parties, including setting up, retrieving and managing automatic payments
DBS Fund Transfer Allows customers to transfer money to their own account, third-party accounts or external accounts
DBS Bill Payments Enables customers to settle payments electronically to credit cards, loans and other billing organizations authorized by the bank
DBS Utilities Furnishes information on maintenance schedule, API access entitlements, utilization report, health performance (and more) of APIs subscribed to by the partners
DBS Reference Data Allows developers to obtain an array of valid values and descriptions for the specified fields or domains
DBS Public Information Offers quick access to DBS’ public information such as on DBS ATMs, branch details and articles. It also features e-appointments with the branch
DBS FX Rates Furnishes current and historical exchange rates with enablement of FX Watch. Rates can also be provided for specific input currency pair.
DBS Parties Enables the retrieval of party information, and provides details on the demographics regarding a specific party
DBS Channel Preferences Generates a list of customer preferences for a given channel, including channel profile details for a party and recently accessed entities
DBS Oauth 2.0 Enable web, mobile and desktop applications to invoke DBS APIs via the Oauth 2.0 protocol for secured authorization
DBS Loans Enables your customers to instantly evaluate their eligibility for the purchase of a home - and powers up the loan application
DBS Investments The Investment Insights API allows you to retrieve details of securities and security holdings
DBS Deposit Generates list of deposit accounts, including the details retrieval of savings, multiplier and multi-currency accounts
DBS Cashline Enables your customer to apply for new application, retrieve application details, and retrieve account details
DBS Cards Enables your customers to initiate debit or credit card applications. Also enables blocking and activation of cards


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