Company: Banco Mercantil Do Brasil

Name: Banco Mercantil Do Brasil
Description: Mercantil do Brasil is today the only retail bank with ISO 9001 Certification for the quality of service provided to INSS beneficiaries, one of its stakeholders, at the agency that is considered the Institution's Headquarters Agency.
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Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Electronic Data Transfer TED's APIs allow a Mercantil company or commercial partner to transmit structured data in an automated way in order to carry out its Supplier Payment, Payroll Payments, Account Collection and Credit Card Collection orders at Mercantil Banco.
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Mobile Payments The C2P API allows your company to receive interbank payments in bolivars through a cell phone number, so that your customers can purchase your products and services quickly, easily and simply
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Transaction Search This API allows you to locate information on your transactions made with credit cards, debit cards or C2P payments easily and quickly
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Card Payments Receive payments from your clients through the Mercantile Payment Button, which allows transactions with national and international Diners Club, Visa and Mastercard credit cards and Mercantile Debit Card from your mobile or website
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Authentication for debit card payment API to request the authentication model that will be used to make debit card payments


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