Standard Chartered - Botswana Corporate Financial Markets API

Name: Standard Chartered - Botswana Corporate Financial Markets
Description: Standard Chartered Aggregated Liquidity Engine (SCALE) allows you to expand your business internationally and price your customers in their local currency without having to worry about the management of FX risks. SCALE gives you the flexibility in configuring the FX rates, allowing you to price your goods and services competitively. SCALE is 24/7 and uses a highly configurable API allowing easy and quick connection to your business
Use Cases: - Integrate with the bank to fetch guaranteed rates once or multiple times a day - Securely retrieve a list of currency pairs - Execute transactions at the guaranteed rate in real-time or at a market rate plus an agreed margin - Receive customised reports based on your requirements
Company Profile: Standard Chartered - Botswana
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Use Cases: FX rates inclusion
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