Mastercard rePower API

Name: Mastercard rePower
Description: Allows you to add cash to your eligible Mastercard or Maestro Prepaid Card.
Use Cases: The Mastercard rePower Load Network provides consumers with a convenient way to add funds to their eligible Mastercard®, Maestro®, or non-branded payment account (e.g. Debit, Prepaid) at thousands of participating retailers. The Network leverages existing Mastercard infrastructure to connect physical locations where cardholders can add funds to an account, such as the merchant point of sale (POS) or a mobile device. The network: Provides a way for issuers to extend cash load capabilities for their card program Uses existing Mastercard processing and transaction codes to simplify participation Supports standard next-day settlement of funds
Company Profile: Mastercard
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Use Cases: loan application bill payments inclusion
Business Model: developer pays
Category: Money Movement

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