Jenga Account Services API

Name: Jenga Account Services
Description: JengaAPI provides you with insights and notifications to the services we power as well as those of our partner bank.
Use Cases: Open an Equity bank Hapo Hapo account: JengaAPI gives you the ability to create an Equity Bank limited KYC account that is equivalent to a mobile money account. You can perform all the same functions as a normal account and can get immediate access to all other APIs. Instant notifications: Every single movement of money generates a trace and a trigger back to you to ensure that you have the visibility of all your transactions and services. JengaAPI generates these alerts within seconds. Set up your callback URL in your JengaHQ profile to receive these notifications directly to your application. Real-time insights: With services such as Point of Sale and Mobile money dashboards on your JengaHQ account, you have the ability to track activities and get near real time insights to your business. JengaAPI provides additional capabilities to query various activities on your account. 3rd party instant payment notifications: Get alerts from other payment sources, such as mobile money and banks, as and when your customer makes payments to you. Real-Time reconciliations: The traditional business reconciles, cards, banking, mobile money and cash from different sources, different excels, different accountants, for a long time. You should always be able to track the journey of your money. Want to know what’s being going on? Easily integrate our API to generate aggregated reports across you banking, card, mobile money and API payments. Online account statements: Get your statements from your Equity Bank account via an API directly to your application. Set the date range or search for a specific transaction via this API. Account balances: Get access to your Equity Bank balance via this API directly to your application or ERP and build the user experience that you would like to see using this service.
Company Profile: Finserve Africa
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Use Cases: inclusion transaction history account creation account balance
Business Model: Free
Category: Data

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