Libraries and SDKs: Facebook API

Name Language Description Official Downloads Starred
facebook-actionscript-api ActionScript Adobe ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform No 29
Java Facebook for Blackberry Java A Java library for your BlackBerry applications to integrate with Facebook using OAuth 2.0 and Graph API. No
Java Spring Facebook Java An extension of the Spring Framework that allows you to connect your applications with Facebook. No
Facebook JavaScript SDK JavaScript The Facebook SDK for Javascript No 0
facebook-csharp-sdk .NET Facebook SDK for .NET, more at No 855
facebook-node-sdk Node.js Modeled from the (Facebook Javascript SDK), now with the facebook-node-sdk you can now easily write the same code and share between your server (nodejs) and the client (Facebook Javascript SDK). No 734
Official Facebook iOS SDK Objective-C Official Facebook SDK for iOS No
facebook-php-sdk PHP Facebook PHP SDK No 0
Python Facebook Python Facebook Platform Python SDK No 0 0
fbgraph ruby Ruby Facebook Open Graph API in Ruby No 146,381 327
koala Ruby Unofficial Ruby library for Facebook No 15,336,560 3,506
omniauth-facebook Ruby No 34,554,901 0
Rest Graph for Ruby Ruby A lightweight Facebook Graph API Ruby client No 118,079 101