Capital One SwiftID API

Name: Capital One SwiftID
Description: Give your customers an easy and secure way to authenticate and share information on the web. Achieve the goal of secure and authorized access control with an API that integrates two-factor authentication via Capital One’s SwiftID. Your customers who also take advantage of Capital One’s SwiftID service can easily approve (or deny) requests for access to their information on your site, or securely authenticate for basic account functions such as password resets.Your customers will know that access to their information is safe, and you will know that you’re responding only to approved requests.
Use Cases: - Replace security questions: If you have a site that allows users to create an account with a username and password, our SwiftID API can eliminate the need to present security questions for requests to reset a password. SwiftID allows your customers to authenticate immediately on their mobile device – eliminating the hassle and cost of security questions. - Confirm 2-party identity: If you have an online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell goods and services, our SwiftID API can easily verify the identities of both parties. SwiftID gives digital buyers and sellers the confidence they need to securely conduct commerce. The kind of trusted identity you’d expect from a bank. - Authorize work: If you have a need to allow business customers to confidentially receive approval for work estimates when the customer isn’t readily available, our SwiftID API can provide a secure method to receive digital approvals for cost estimates. SwiftID allows businesses to confidently spend resources on high-value goods and services well in advance of payment. - Grant secure access: If you have a business that allows users to store confidential or sensitive information, our SwiftID API makes it safe and easy to secure digital approvals for sharing that information, in real-time and in context. SwiftID makes giving and getting permissions for digital content simple, secure, and trackable.
Company Profile: Capital One
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Use Cases: standards security banking fintech
Business Model: subject to approval by Capital One Free

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