Capital One Rewards API

Name: Capital One Rewards
Description: Show the Capital One miles, points, or cash your customer has earned. Capital One’s customers have collectively accumulated a balance of nearly $3 billion in rewards. Yet many customers do not know their current rewards account balance, appreciate its value, or have specific purchasing goals in mind. For rewards aggregators and eCommerce sites, the Capital One Rewards API is the only secure and approved manner to help a customer access and track their Capital One rewards account balance. You can leverage this data to improve engagement by allowing customers to set savings goals and helping them to make informed shopping decisions.
Use Cases: -Rewards tracking and goal setting -Shopping with rewards: Capital One prides itself on delivering easy-to-understand earn and redemption terms for our card rewards programs. We also know customers are always looking for ways to better understand the purchasing power of their rewards. Our Rewards API can enable your app to show customers how far their rewards can take them. -Redemption rate and value: Customers always want the most bang for their buck – and earned rewards are no exception. But since redemption rates and rules vary – even within a single rewards program – the best options are not always easy to spot. Our Rewards API can help. It provides all the redemption details you need to help your customers understand and rank their options.
Company Profile: Capital One
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